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Indonesian Envoys Meet Jaffna Commander 
Mrs Tranmike, Second Secretary to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Sri Lanka and three other envoys during a visit to the Northern Province met with the Commander, Security Forces - Jaffna (SF-J), Major General Mahesh Senanayaka on Friday (25) at the Security Force Headquarters-Jaffna. Commander SF-J welcomed the visiting envoys and explained the post-war development and the current security situation in the Jaffna peninsula. During the meeting, the Jaffna Commander briefed them on the Army involvement in nation-building projects. Furthermore, the Commander spelt out on the ongoing reconciliation mechanism and how it inspires the livelihood of people in Jaffna. After the cordial interaction, Major General Mahesh Senanayaka and Mrs. Tranmike exchanged mementoes. Finally, Mrs. Tranmike placed her signature in the Visitor Book.