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Asiri Surgical links with Indian player for cancer treatment 
Asiri Surgical Hospitals PLC has entered into joint venture agreement with an Indian company providing specialized cancer treatment services for providing comprehensive state of the art oncology services with the first cancer treatment center to be set up in the premises of Asiri Surgical, a Stock Exchange filing by Asiri on Friday announced. The JV is between Asiri Surgical and Cancer Treatment Services Hyerabad Private Ltd. The filing said the partner group is engaged in the provision of comprehensive clinical and administrative solutions for the treatment of cancer under the brand name American Oncology Institute (AOI). The Hyderabad company is a subsidiary of Cancer Treatment Services International Inc., USA. The joint venture company will establish, own, operate and manage cancer treatment centers in Sri Lanka which provide radiation oncology, medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiology services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the filing said. No details on the financial structure of the JV and the stakes of the partners were provided in the filing which said that further disclosure on future developments of the JV company will be notified.