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LankaClear wins Gold at the Annual Report Awards 
Sri Lankas National Payment Network, swept the coveted Gold award at the 52nd Annual Report Awards held recently. Contesting under the SME Sector, LankaClear achieved numerous successes at the Annual Report Awards during the last five years, but reached the pinnacle this year by winning the Gold for the first time. Chairman LankaClear, Anil Amarasuriya expressing his views on this achievement said We are indeed enthralled by this recognition conferred on LankaClear, which is symbolic of the strength, commitment and passion for excellence of the entire team. Operating in a domain where transparency and accountability is of paramount importance, we consider this competition to be a platform to benchmark, develop and demonstrate a companys reporting excellence. Winning this top award gives us further impetus to our standing as the countrys national payment network. The continuous successes we have achieved at the Annual Report Awards is a testament to our relentless efforts towards reaching the summit in the sphere of financial reporting. Channa de Silva, General Manager /CEO of LankaClear commenting on this achievement stated The Annual Report Awards organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka is synonymous with Accountability, Transparency and Good governance; the very same pillars on which LankaClears foundation is built upon. These values encompass our entire operations framework and are translated in turn to the valuable financial services we offer to the businesses and the general public via the banking system. Therefore, we consider the success achieved at this years Annual Report Awards as an endorsement to the values that we uphold as an organization and reflects on our wholehearted commitment towards transparency, corporate governance and reporting excellence