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Thirty percent market share for SFMLs hygienically pure products 
The automated milling process at Serendib Flour Mills ( SFML) ensures zero human contact.CEO, Serendib Flour Mills Kevin OLeary said at a press briefing at the factory site. Advanced technology makes needless, manual contact from silo to the finished product. Off- loading of wheat from shipping bunkered alongside the factory site in the harbor is also mechanized. Hi – tech innovation ensures purity and, as he said, the finished product was classed as 7 Star wheat flour. Answering questions from the press he confirmed that wheat imported by SFML was sourced from the wheat growing districts of Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in Canada, and wheat areas of the US, Australia and Russia. These are the best wheat growing areas in such countries. Imports were of high quality and flour products in the finished form were always certified to be classified in the upper level of production. The classification styled 7 Star Wheat Flour was further confirmed by two bakers we met at two industrial manufacturing units situated in the suburbs of Colombo. Our visits to each such establishment were unannounced and their comments were that flour and flour products from SFML were of high quality and that the onward transmission of flour to production sites too was under strict hygienic conditions. Collectively they said SFML flour products were cost effective. More so that it was not necessary to have such products re-examined. Any complaints? Their answers were that there were no complaints. Chief Technical Officer, SFML, Mark Healing said shipments of wheat were pre- cleaned at arrival at off – loading .and stored in 18 silos. These silos holding capacity was some 60,000 metric tons. Explaining the milling process, he said there was a 24 hour preparation time before milling. Wheat varieties were blended to achieve consistency. Initial cleaning included mechanized removal of impurities, including sundry effluents. The wheat goes through complex procedures of tempering that gently break down the wheat grain, to prepare the process of milling. He said he could not answer some questions because of their confidential nature. He however confirmed that their market share was currently 30 percent. Would this figure grow to reach enhanced production targets? Healing said considering growing demand for SFML products there was growing confidence in market trends and considering acceptance of their products, there was a possibility that demand would grow. Would you surpass the competition? This question as well did not elicit direct positive replies, but he confirmed that growing demand had positive repercussions on future production targets.