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Serious shortfall in hydro power supply 
he Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has indicated, among other things, in a recent report on the local power supply situation, that there is a serious shortfall at present in the countrys hydro power generation. The report also highlights the following: • Only 2 units of Lakvijaya Plant are available. • Even with full availability of thermal power plants, about 500 MW of Hydro power contribution is essential to meet the night peak demand. Hence, it is required to minimize the hydro dispatch during day and off peak time. • Based on past trends, there will be no rainfall until end of April 2017. Hence, daily major hydro dispatch level should be kept below 6 GWh/day in average, to ensure the availability of hydro reservoirs until end of April. • Under this condition, if the system loses more than about 330 MW thermal capacity on a weekday, energy will be inadequate. • Hence, in case of failure of all 3 units of coal plants, energy inadequacy will be about 5 GWh/day (this is about 13% of daily energy requirement- 40GWh) • However, if the hydro condition in November continues (due to availability of run of the river hydro plants), the energy inadequacy in case of failure of coal plants will be reduced to about 3 GWh/day (8% of daily energy requirement). • However, due to curtailed oil generation during the first week of December, average hydro power dispatch (excluding run of the river plants) had exceeded 6 GWh/day. If this continues hydro reservoirs will be insufficient in April 2017. • Due to reduction in Furnace oil production from Sapugaskanda Refinery, daily full load requirement for Asia Power, Sapugaskanda, ACE Power Embilipitiya, Uthuru Janani & Barge power plants, in total cannot be fully met. Hence, depending on the suitability of imported furnace oil, daily about 50 MW – 80 MW of furnace oil generation will be at risk. • Also, during the first week of December, generation was curtailed in the West Coast power plant due to lack of suitable fuel (low Sulphur furnace oil). However, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has indicted the receipt of a consignment of required fuel on December 7, 2016 and also two other consignments are due in December. Hence the shortage will not continue in December.