Sidu | Episode 59 27th October 2016
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Can you hear Christmas bells ringing? 
The age old ceremony of cake mixing starts a few months before Christmas and winter festivities and is considered to usher good vibes and happiness. General Manager Dulip de Alwis along with Executive Chef Eranda Herath, all department heads and pastry kitchen staff participated in this event, the annual Christmas cake mixing of Grand Oriental Hotel which was held on September 21 . Well there were preserved ginger strips lining the table and fruits, assorted nuts and sultans, black currents, candied marmalade peel, candied dark cherries etc. And of course the all important "spirit of the season " in bottles – wines of the season, rum and malt. To set the ceremony off, all were handed gloves and chef’s hats. Once all the bottles were plied in one by one, we enjoyed the event with a handful of fruits ceremonially well mixed in. it’s done. Executive Chef Eranda Herath together with his crew completed the mixing. A load of fun and a load of work with great cheer. While mixing the ingredients the fruity fragrance reminded everyone that the season is on the threshold. Grand Oriental Hotel is lined up with festive happiness to celebrate this New year and Christmas season in style. Christmas day lunch and Christmas day dinner, all these are lined up for you and your loved ones to cherish this season.